The flamingos, the chubby little birds with a very interesting color, have been restored during these hot July days at their ‘home’ in Crypts and the Narta Lagoon. Nearly two thousand flamingos of adults are now concentrating on a dam trying to nest again, as the hunting memorandum has now turned this country into a safe habitat for these interesting birds.narte-2-696x516














Also, these playful birds attract many visitors to the observation of their pirate, early in the day, and greet the sun in his west. They have become a destination for tourism in their observation of the natural habitats where they live.



The Narta Lagoon is ranked the second largest in importance for water birds. In this lagoon there are about 20,000 winter birds of about 40 species, turning into a very rich habitat, also the groceries for the pelican and regularly meet the flamingos. Narta Lagoon is located in the north-west of the city of Vlora, about 14 km away and has a surface of about 42 km 2. It is separated from the Adriatic Sea by a narrow sandy strip consisting of sand dunes and small beaches without dense vegetation.