Numerous domestic and foreign tourists are increasingly enjoying the freshness and beauty of protected areas from the Valbona Valley in the north to the Blue Eye in the south. These areas have already become well-visited tourist destinations due to the natural beauty and diverse terrain, which is suitable for tourists, from those who want to enjoy nature, to adventurous tourists who can explore the area by doing hiking the various trails. Protected Areas in Albania are considered as an effective opportunity for the development of sustainable tourism. Therefore, it is working to promote these protected areas for the extraordinary values of biodiversity that they carry, but also as important tourist destinations nationally and beyond.



In Albania, protected areas occupy 20% of the territory or otherwise, 1 in 6 square meters is protected area. In recent years, following the establishment of Environmental Protected Areas Administrations, tourists, who are part of Albanian nature visits and walks, have in most cases the relevant information about the particular destinations they should visit in these areas.

The tourist shall in any case receive detailed information on the natural resources of the environmental protected area, their location and high natural, cultural, historical, biological and heritage values such as; caves, waterfalls, canyons, rocky peaks, passageways, cult objects, etc., which have a protected area. An important role in this regard is being played by ADZM field workers, who direct visitors to these points. In addition, they are assisted by information boards and guides that are placed at distinct entrances and locations. Bird-watching tourism, especially waterfowl, is also becoming a priority in these areas. Notable are the lagoons of Karavasta, Narta, Kune-Vain, Shkodra Lake, Prespa etc.uploadfilesCrocusscardicus