Built in 1931, this house originally had the function of an obstetric clinic, at the initiative and direction of the notable Albanian doctor Dr. Jani Basho (1892- 1957). During the World War II, under German occupation, the building was under the control of the Gestapo.
In the post-war years, this house was used as an investigative center, as well as the place where torture took place, It was used until 1948 when Albania broke ties with Yugoslavia.
Starting in the 1950’s, the buildings functions changed. Here it was again placed as the branch of technological-scientific of the State Security, which primarily was known for its use of electronic interceptions to control telephones and the postage system of foreigners until the State Security fell apart in 1991. The State Security, also known as the secret police, was used to oppress the population and eliminate factions and opposition inside the Communist party. It was used to maintain the totalitarian regime.
For decades there have always been stories about the “House of Leaves” specifically related to the mystery and secrecy held inside the walls of the house.
Today, with a project funded by the Ministry of Culture, the House of Leaves has turned into a museum to shed light on the Albanian society system, under a regime that attempted to have total control over the bodies and souls of the people.

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