The Karst of the Mountain with Pits lays on the altitude of the Mountain with Pits, whose name is related with the numerous holes which are very dense and with strange views formed by the karts process, or by the melting of the lime stones in water, which this mountain is made of.
The karts holes have funnel shapes with a diameter from several metres to tens of metres. They are closed, without surface flow, meanwhile there are some sucking holes in their bottom part, through which the rainwater penetrates in the depth of the lime massive. This water is in the form of the big resources around this mountain.
Here, we can find several types of plants as well as animals of different types: the beauty of the heaven, reptiles, mountain quail, rabbit, wolf, etc.
This monument of nature may be visited as we follow the motorway Tirana-Dajt_Biza for about 2 hours.

Credit:Bashkai Tirane