The Congress Palace was designed and built in the 1980 as a symbol of communist ideology and the power of expression of totalitarian regime. Construction works began in 1982 and ended up four years later in 1986. The building construction was inspired by traditional buildings of Gjirokastër, Berat and northern Albanian towers.
The Congress Palace is 70 meters long and 18-23 meters in height. The main hall has a capacity of 2100 seats. This palace was built multi functional to merge the meeting hall and an opera house. During the communist regime, the ruling party hosted its congresses here. Three surrounding halls have a reduced capacity of 150, 280 and 300 seats, designed as working environments for corporate meetings, private parties and other local gatherings.
Today, the palace is used as a well-known venue hosting conferences, festivals, exhibitions, trade and commercial fairs, ceremonies, concerts and other events.