kala-1-696x464The prestigious “Lonely Planet” has listed the “Castle Festival” that is being held in Dhermi as one of the 10 best music festivals in Europe that takes place in wonderful places.

The “Castle Festival” is made by Lonely Planet among many internationally renowned festivals in Croatia, Norway, Belgium, England and so on. “Lonely Planet” says that the development of this festival is an excellent opportunity for young people to enjoy the best DJ music, exploring the Albanian Riviera, with caves, castles, canyons and beautiful panorama of beaches, qualified as one of the best in the Mediterranean. “For many people, musical festivals are the ‘soul’ of summer activities. Late nights and celebrations can leave you feeling like you need another holiday to enjoy and enjoy the long summer nights. “

“Golden beaches and crystal clear sea are attractive at this time, but the Castle Festival in the Albanian Riviera brings this beauty to another level. Described as a “diving paradise”, the festival includes stages on the beach of Gipse, accessible only by private boats and coves. DJs play the best international music until late hours, giving you time to explore the ancient castles, canyons and caves of pirates in the area. With contemporary music on one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, what can we want more? “Writes” Lonely Planet “