Tirana is undoubtedly one of the liveliest and most transforming cities in Southeast Europe. A city that seemingly never sleeps, full of friendly faces and featuring surprises hidden around every corner in Tirana and its surroundings.

1. Colorful city

Tirana has become famous in the international arena for the interesting colorful facades covering the gray communist style buildings. The Municipality of Tirana continued to invite architects and various architectural studios to participate in many international competitions to make proposals for further renovation of the facades on order to develop the city.

2. Interesting history

The architecture of this city has aspects of all periods of time; from the Illyrian to modern. From the Tirana mosaic (Ancient Roman) to the Clock Tower (Kulla e Sahatit), a symbol of ottoman architecture, Italian buildings, and the style of construction during the dictatorship tell a vibrant story of this city. The 1920-30s brought about a modernism of the center of Tirana under the direction of Italian urban architects. The communist period added another sense of uniformity of the eastern European nations. Different museums in Tirana that are also attractions for touristic interest, show the past history like the National Historical Museum, Bunk’Art, House of Leaves etc.

3. Fantastic hospitality

Albanians love and are opened to foreigners visiting their country. Hospitality is definitely the most fantastic part of our culture. Welcoming guests and ensuring their comfort has remained a great tradition of Albanians. If you want to visit an Albanian house, you will be treated in a surprising way with a lot of priority. Hospitality for Albanians is sacred and unlimited. There is no difference between the words “Guest” and “friend” like in English, in Albanian language they mean both “friend”.

4. Delicious food

Walking in the streets of Tirana you will see many bars and restaurants that offer a variety of delicious cooking with convenient prices. It’s really interesting to see how Tirana can offer Mexican, Japanese, Italian cooking and at the same time delicious traditional food that are a main tourist attraction for their particular taste. One of the most favorite areas is the New Bazaar located near the city center and has the function of a normal market and also a recreational center. You can always find a way to be entertained in Tirana in night clubs or listening to live music, go to the theaters, cinemas, opera or ballet. The most fashionable neighborhood is undoubtedly Blloku, where you will find a great diversity of bars and restaurants.

5. Amazing nature and sites

After you enjoy the city of Tirana, do not forget to visit its surroundings as well. Tirana covers an area much larger with its suburbs, giving endless possibilities for the adventure-lovers. The suburbs of Tirana reflect the fantastic hospitality of the people with a desire to explore and help in exploring the Dajti National Park, Baldushk, or exploring the Cave of Pëllumbas, the Erzen Canyon, the Eye of the Cyclops, or the Holy Cave. Tirana also is great for those who seek adventure, parachute jumping from Dajti Mountain, to bike racing in the mountainous roads of surrounding villages. You can also visit Petrela Castle where you can learn more about its rich history while enjoying delicious traditional food and listening to all the legends about the events inside this castle.

Cit:Bashkia Tirane