It has been 15 years since the start of the most spectacular event, full of adrenaline, adventure and at the same time the most dangerous of motor racing and motorcycle racing, Rally Albania. For 15 years in the Land of Eagles have come hundreds of pilots from many countries of the world who have seen and enjoyed the extraordinary panorama of Albanian nature. The 2019 edition did not make any exception as the contestants, part of whom came with the curiosity of the first time in the most famous adventure race in Albania, covered over 80% of the Albanian territory for which it was a real fun. For a week the pilots crossed miles in difficult terrains in a competition that started from Tirana to continue in Tropoja, Voskopoja and Himara’s coast to return to the capital to cut the pace of this race that requires courage to take the risk. The impressions of the participants during this event have been very positive and their desire to return to experience new emotions!

Rally albania, race of adrenalines and adventures