The National Park of Qafe-Shtamë, 25 km northeast of the city of Kruja, turned into a real tourist destination offers a natural and cultural mosaic for visitors.

This park has long attracted the attention of the citizens as a curative and tourist spot.

The combination of cultural and nature tourism bring Kruja into the space to develop a complete tourist package.

Already in this park offer their services local guides. While climbing to an altitude of up to 1725 m, acquaintance with the diverse fauna, natural scenery of the Adriatic Sea, Bovilla Lake, Kruja-Dajt Range are among the main attractions of this park.

In this park, the visitor can also enjoy the traditional cooking of the area with bio products, where local businesses provide this service along with accommodation in the rooms they have built.

Nervous and rugged in nature, the Qafe-Shtamë National Park is seen by local and foreign tourists as the perfect destination for hiking trails, cycling through rugged terrain and camping ground

Part of the Skanderbeg Mountains, the Qafe-Shtama offers a spectacular nature, at an altitude of 1100 and rises up to the summit of the Lake, 1725 m above sea level and intertwines with the curative values, royal family water and the history of 90 Cretan girls that were sacrificed at the “Oil Rock”.