Beginning from April 2016, “Bunk’Art” is open to the public permanently.
In June 1978, the dictator Enver Hoxha inaugurated the anti-nuclear bunker built by the then communist government. It is a 5 floors underground building with 106 rooms and a congress hall, now transformed into a historical-artistic center called “Bunk’Art”.
“Bunk’Art” contains: The Historical Exhibition, the Museum Exhibition and Artistic Installations. The historical exhibition reflects: 1) Italy’s landing period in Albania, the resistance of the Albanian people and the capitulation of Italy. (1939-1943), 2) Diplomacy during the War (1941-1945), 3) German invasion and the Albanian resistance, the struggle for power and liberation of Albania (September 1943 – November 1944), 4) After the War: Hope and Disappointment 1945 – 1947), 5) Red Albania 1945-1990.
The museum exhibition includes: 1) Enver Hoxha’s Chamber, 2) Mehmet Shehu’s Chamber, 3) Military Liaison Museum, 4) Supporting Battalion Museum, 5) Officer’s Room, 6) Headquarters Staff Room, 7) Museum of Telecommunication.

Cit:Bashkia Tirane