One of the most interesting monuments located in Albania in terms of its history and position where it is located is the castle of Porto Palermo, in the bay of the same name on the shores of the Ionian Sea.

The castle of Ali Pasha in Porto Palermo is a place to be visited for this tourist season for foreign tourists and local vacationers as a special destination where the history, culture and greatness of the sea meet.

The castle of Porto Palermo is located on an island about 30 m from the shore where the narrow water belt between the shore and the island is filled with and stones to realize a land connection with it. It is one of the many palaces of the strategist Ali pasha Tepelena, which he did not without purpose build at strategic points. But this castle, stands between the sea and the legend.

It was built by Ali Pasha as a gift for one of his wives, Vasiliqina, whom, according to chroniclers of the time, the pasha of Ioannina was very fond of. The beauty and grandeur of this castle has taken place in many books dedicated to Ali Pasha. Alexander Dyma, the author of “Count of Monte Cristo”, wrote about him, as well as many others.