Albanian Cuisine

Kind of Tour:               Agrotourism/Culinary Code of Tour:             ETTRAC01 Length of Trip:            12 nights /13 days  Price:                              On Request   Description of the Tour: More and more, Albania is evidenced as a place of the good taste and fresh food. […]

Kind of Tour:               Agrotourism/Culinary

Code of Tour:             ETTRAC01

Length of Trip:            12 nights /13 days

 Price:                              On Request


Description of the Tour:

More and more, Albania is evidenced as a place of the good taste and fresh food. Agrobusiness on the other hand is growing fast. In this trip, we will explore the rural, but beautiful Albania. We will taste the traditional dishes of traditional restaurants and guesthouses all around Albania. We will explore the small agribusiness enterprises, which have a direct impact in the life of the Albanians. In this tour we intend to show all the parts of Albania, but we can reorganize and tailor-made the tour as per the requests of our clients.


Day 1: Tirana – Burrel (Shulbater)

After arrival and hospitality at “Nene Tereza” Airport, we travel towards Burrel. Along the way, we will stop at Ulëz Regional Natural Park, and upon arrival in Shulbater (Burrel), we will accommodate at the Tower of Gjinaj. We will continue with a visit at the Ethnographical Museum and a walk on the river canyon of this village. Traditional dinner with local products, accompanied by a folkloric group in the tower.

Day 2: Burrel – Peshkopi (Castle of Doda)

After having breakfast, we set off to the Castle of Doda. Along the trip, we will make short breaks in order to enjoy the panoramic landscapes on the way. An introductory stop in the city of Peshkopi, where we shall also have lunch with tradional dishes of Dibra, such as: “jufkat” and “sherqerparja”, which has a significant place in Albanian culinary. After lunch, we will visit the premises where the well-known “jufka” of Dibra are made, which are traditionally prepared by Dibra’s housekeepers. Afterwards, we set off to the Castle of Doda, where we have the possibility to visit the Castle of Tallamaz (on foot) and then we will continue with the Black Lake, and end the visit in a dairy (dairy processing), where we shall observe all milk by-products. Accommodation at the Inn with the same name. Dinner at the Inn with traditional dishes of the country. Night at the Castle of Doda.

Day 3. Castle of Doda – Rrëshen – Rubik – Lezhë – Kelmend 

After breakfast, we set off to Rubik. Along the way we will have s short stop in the city of Kukës, where we shall visit the monument-tower dedicated to the hospitality of Kukës people for the Albanians of Kosovo during the conflict in 1999, the Ethnographic Museum of this city, and then we continue to road to Rrëshen, in order to visit the canteen “Arbëri”, which produces the first Albanian champagne with a completely Albanian variety, such as the grapes “Shesh i Bardhe”. We continue the way to Rubik, where we shall visit the church of Shelbuem, a Medieval Catholic Church. Lunch shall take place at the Echo-Hotel “Marubi”, where we shall enjoy traditional meals and the marvellous nature of the place where this hotel is located.

After lunch, we shall set off towards the Highlands of Kelmendi, accommodation in one of the inns in  Lepushë village. Dinner at the inn.

Day 4: Kelmend – Vermosh – Shkodra

After breakfast, we set off to an agro-workshop, whose distinctive characteristic is the processing of blueberry, cultivation of wild mushroom, which is among the most special kinds found in our country. In addition, we will see the processing in domestic conditions of “meshamina” a kind of cheese, which would be otherwise called by the foreigners “gorgonxola”. After such experiences, we set off to discover another pearl of the Albanian alps, Vermosh. Herein, lunch will take place in one of the premises of the inn in Vermosh village, where we shall consume traditional dishes (pie in ember and meat in skewer). After lunch, we will visit the house-museum built in 1993 and on the way back to Shkodra the Bridge of  Tamara with a 500–year-history. After arriving to Shkodra, we follow the accommodation procedures in the hotel and get prepared for dinner, which shall take place in a traditional restaurant. The main course will be “carp casserole”, a fish grown in the Lake of Shkodra. Night in Shkodra.

Day 5: Shkodra – Krujë – Durrës

After breakfast, we shall have a walk across the hystorical center of the city, a visit at “Marubi” Photography Museum, where a series of Albanian characters have been archived by the beginning of the 20th century. We will continue to a special workshop, which is found in “Skanderbeg” neighbourhood in the city. The distinction of this workshop is at the person, who has established it, even though he is a stomatologist, he has created an experimental garden. From only one root he produces several types of fruit and recently he has been making efforts that decorative trees also produce fruit due to grafting. As we leave the place, we will visit the Castle of Rozafa, which is found in a very beautiful position on the river of Buna.

Later on, we will set off to Kallmet, a village in the north of Lezha, whose name originates from a variety of grapes, completely autochtonous. In the canteen established in this village, it is produced such wine by this variety. After tasting wine, our break for lunch will be in Fishte in the agrotouristic farm “Mrizi I Zanave”. You will taste the meals with much taste and completely bio and Albanian.

After lunch, out trip will continue to Kruja, where we will visit the Castle of Kruja, National Museum of Skanderbeg and the Ethnographic Museum. Afterwards, the old market (bazaar) of Kruja with handicraft products will be explored. Then we will carry on with our trip towards Durres. Accommodation in the  hotel and dinner at a fish restaurant by the sea. Overnight stay in Durres.

Day 6: Durrës – Kavajë – Lushnjë – Berat

After breakfast at the hotel, a sightseeing visit across the city, including the Byzantine city walls, Roman amphitheater. We can not leave without visiting the processing plant of “Skanderbeg” cognac, a plant which was inaugurated for the first time in 1960. “Skanderbeg” cognac is a registered international brand.

Later, we set off to Kavaja where we shall see a particular farm, the largest located in this area, in the Snail Breeding Farm. We will see how this farm has been developed, the rare type of snail which is cultivated.

After the exploration visit, we set off to Berat in order to stop in Lushnje at first, where we will visit the largest factory of dairy processing “Lufra” and the Museum House, which is otherwise known as the home to the Congress of Lushnja. After the traditional lunch, we will continue to Berat. We will have a walk in the neighborhood Mangalem in this city and we will visit the Ethnographic Museum. Dinner at the traditional restaurant and overnight in Berat.

Day 7: Berat – Nartë – Saranda

After breakfast, we will visit the Castle of Berat with churches and objects that are found in it, the National Museum of Onufri. Afterwards, we start to Narta Lagoon. On the road we will stop in the village Kafaraj where we shall see the largest greenhouse that deals with the cultivation of strawberries. After tasting strawberries, we will be leaving towards Narta. Here will be the place to stop for lunch. After lunch we will visit the Monastery of Saint Mary, located in this lagoon and we will be introduced with the techniques of wine production.

Then, we will set off to Saranda. On the way we will make a brief stop in Llogara, in order to enjoy the marvellous landscape as well as the dramatic contrast of mountains on one side and the sea on the other. We continue to Saranda. After following the accommodation procedures, we will enjoy dinner in a restaurant inside the Castle of Lëkursi, which is at the top of the hill, and from which it extends an amazing view of Saranda Bay and the island of Corfu. Dinner at the restaurant where we enjoy tradional sea food meals.

Day 8: Saranda – Gjirokastër

After breakfast at the hotel, we depart to visit Butrint and a visit to the farm of mandarins, as a success story of the development of agribusiness in Albania. We will have lunch at a traditional restaurant where we will have the opportunity to enjoy sea food.

After lunch we will set off towards the city of Gjirokastra. During the road we will make a brief stopover at the Blue Eye, which is a formation of underground resources. We continue to Gjirokastra, where we get accommodated in a hotel. We will have dinner at the hotel with typical dishes of the area where we will have the possibility to enjoy the famous “qifqi” of this city. In addition, dinner will be accompanied by isopoliphony songs (a spiritual wealth of the Albanian people under the protection of UNESCO) performed by artists from the area. Overnight stay in Gjirokastra.

Day 9: Gjirokastër – Përmet – Ersekë

After breakfast, we will set off towards Erseka. On the road we will make a stopover at the tourist place of Këlcyra, and then continue towards Permet. Here we will visit the city’s stone (the symbol of this town), where we will enjoy the panoramic view of the city that lies in the valley of Vjosa with crystal water and Mount of Dhëmbel on the back. We will be leaving towards the workshop of unique gliko processing plant of Permet. You will remark the varieties of glikos, which are prepared with much love from the women of Permet. After visiting the workshop of glikos we will visit another workshop, which processes the famous Albanian brandy. Lunch will take place in a restaurant with traditional dishes of the area. After lunch we will continue the way toward Erseka, with a brief stopover at the Thermal Waters of Bënje and Medieval Bridge of “Bridge of Aries” built on these waters. Dinner and accommodation at a farm in the park of Germenj.

Day 10: Ersekë –Dardhë – Korçë

Breakfast at the farm and then we will begin to explore all farm products owned by this farm. You will have the opportunity to taste honey and bee milk as this farm has a large park filled with hives. Then, we will proceed with the barn where lambs & calves are grown. The calves of the farm grow in a completely pasture regime. Horses are the first animals that are located in the farm. They are always treated with much love and care and it can be said that they are the weakness of the farm. Then we will continue with traditional lunch, which will be served to us in the premises outside the farm. After enjoying the traditional lunch we depart towards the village of Dardha. Along the way, we will make a stop in the Tumat of Kamenica, prehistoric settlements of great importance in terms of cultural heritage. Accommodation in the inn and dinner with traditional dishes where the tipical is “Lakrori” a famous and internationally recognized pie specialty.

Day 11: Dardhë – Korçë  – Pogradec – Elbasan

After breakfast in the inn, we will have a short walk in nature in order to enjoy the scenic beauty of this village that nature has given unconditionally. We are setting off to Korça, visiting the old bazaar, the Orthodox Cathedral, which is located in the center of the city, the first Albanian school, etc., and we continue our path towards Tushmesht, which is located by the Lake of Ohrid and it is one of the most beautiful spots of the country, along with the famous park of Drilon. Here we will also have lunch with the typical meal of this area, the famous and unique coran of Ohrid Lake. After lunch, we set off towards the city of Elbasan, with a short stop in the picturesque village of Lin. In Elbasan, after accommodation, we prepare for dinner with traditional dishes, where there will not miss out the “Elbasan Roasted Lamb  Pan” and famous ballokume. Overnight in Elbasan.

Day 12: Elbasan –Petrelë – Tirane

After breakfast in the hotel, we will visit the archaeological museum, the city fortress and the church of Saint Mary which is found inside this castle. Then we will continue with the only workshop of plums and agritouristic objects, as well as the olive oil workshop and workshop of raki, which will be a nice experience of our tour. Our next stop will be at the Castle of Petrela, where we will also enjoy lunch with the traditional meals of this area. After lunch, we will depart to Tirana. After accommodation at the hotel, (optional) taking into account all the meals tasted, we will select what has mostly impressed you and we will try to cook it by ourselves or we will see how it is cooked at the Culinary Institute in Tirana. Dinner according to personal choice. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 13:  Tirana – Airport

After breakfast, we will have a sightseeing tour in Tirana, where we will visit “Block” area, the boulevard with buildings across, Skanderbeg Square with surrounding buildings, the mosque of Tirana, the Clock Tower, the Statue of Skanderbeg. Depending on time, we may see as well the olive oil processing plant,  which is a factory with advanced technologies. We will continue towards the airport. Our service comes to the end.

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