National Parks in Albania

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National Parks in Albania are the vehicle by which the flora and fauna are conserved and afford a place where the people to interact with the grandeur of the country. The main reserves are Dajti, Divjaka Pines, Drenova Fir, Hotova Fir, Llogara, Lura, Mountain of Tomor, Qafe Shtama, Thethi, and Valbona Valley national parks.


Dajti National Park

Dajti  is located 26 km from Tirana, 50 km from Mother Teresa International Airport, in the western part of the Albanian Lowlands.  The 3,300 sanctuary is considered to be “the natural balcony of Albania”. Visitors to the park will enjoy the natural diversity conserved here and also travelling to the top of the mountain on a cable car. Accommodation is available from proprietors in the town.


Divjaka Pines National Park

Divjaka is located 5 km from the town of Divjaka and 40 km from Lushnja. It is part of the Karavasta Lagoon, a natural habitat protected by the International Ramsar convention.  Visitors will enjoy the biodiversity in this ecosystem, which includes migratory Dalmation pelicans.


Drenova Fir National Park

Drenova is located 10 km from Korca, on the ridge of the Morava Mountain. It has numerous crystal clear springs, arrays of coniferous trees, and the Guri i Cjapit a national geological monument.


Hotova Fir National Park

Hotova Fir is located 35 km from the town of Permet. The park has the Hotova Fir, a Mediterranean relict plant. It has a favorable healthy climate, picturesque natural wonders, and various outdoor sports throughout the course of the year.


Thethi National Park

Theth  is located 70 km from Shkodra, near the Prokletije mountain range, which are also known as the “Cursed Mountains”.   Visitors enjoy fishing for trout and the awesome Grunas waterfall. The park has the endangered lynx and large number of oak trees.


Lura National Park

Lura is well known for its famous 14 glacier lakes.  Visitors will enjoy the excellent ecotourism opportunities offered at this park. Also available is Mare Field, which has colorful plants and coniferous trees.


Llogara National Park

Llogara is located 40 km South East of Vlora, near the Adriatic and Ionian peninsula. The Llogara pass is shaped as a wreath by furious winds that batter the area. Visitors can see the Flag Pine (Pisha Flamur), view the Ionian Sea, the Albanian Riviera and scale the steep mountains of Vetetima. The park is a preferred location for various air sports.


Mountain of Tomorri National Park

The Mountain of Tomor is located to the east of the museum town of Berat. It has a terrain that transforms with the change of the seasons. Religious tourism is an important aspect of this park and thousands of pilgrims visit the apex of Mt Tomor for the Bektashi – rites at the tomb of Abaz Aliu ( Tyrba e Kulmakut).


Qafe Shtama National Park

Qafe Shtama is located about 25 km northeast of Kruja. It is well known for its picturesque views. The Mother Queen spring is found here. Visitors can expect a wholesome climate and splendid landscapes.


Valbona Valley National Park

Valbona Valley is approximately 25 – 30 km Northwest of Bajram-Tsurri. It is considered a miracle of the Albanian Alps. The park has a deciduous terrain that changes with the seasons. It has a similar named river. Apart from the natural biodiversity, visitors will enjoy the local hospitality and infrastructure.