Chicago Now: Albania, Beauty and Struggle on the Adriatic Naturally, there is much, much more to Albania. It has vistas and beaches that rival the French Riviera. It has an enviable Mediterranean climate. But, sadly, it has had a troubled history. Until 1991, Albania was under Communist rule for 40 years. Then, in 1998-1999,… Balkans […]

INTRODUCTION Hidden away in an almost forgotten corner of Europe, Albania is Europe’s next upcoming travel destination. If you have a week to spare, this country should not be missed. 3 REASONS TO GO ​It’s affordable – Accommodation, eating out, transportation: Albania gives more bang for your buck than most other European countries. Wonderful contrasts […]

The Pyramid Freshly painted, the Pyramid still sits as a reminder of communism in downtown Tirana. The Pyramid is one of the main attractions to those visiting Albania’s capital. Used as a NATO base during the Kosovo war, it now sits as a reminder of communism in downtown Tirana. Youth often climb it and hang out […]

   Dhërmi is one of the nine villages of the Himara region/municipality, in Albania. The village lies 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë (the capital of the Prefecture) and about the same distance north of the southern city of Sarandë. The village is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains, at approximately 200 meters in altitude. The mountains […]

Introduction Albanian cuisine offers a truly unique blend of Mediterranean flavors.Representing a rich historical past,the food of modern Albania has been developed over millennia and reflect a variety of influences.East meets West in many discernable ways throughut Albanian culture,but nowhere in this more evedent than in the cuisine .The mild climate is favorable for many […]

by Lisiana F. Demiraj Preconceptions   We depart for Sarajevo, where everyone of us has been before, this time to experience it from within and for long days. On the road in the Albanian territory we see foreign as well as Albanian vehicles. It is heartwarming, of course, admitting beforehand that that flow of world […]

Suadela Balliu Theth! Where the nature is in its primordial state. Where among the severity of the protrusions and the depth of the valleys is preserved the secret of the Creator and the creation. Where man is still puny and the mountains are gods. The hospitable inhabitants of the stony guesthouses, the living wonders carved […]

“I go to the mountains more from the fear of living rather than the fear of dying” Ada Gobetti Sabina Veizaj Now that I see the Dajti from downwards in Tirana I do not have consciously stored the fact that few days ago I climbed that majesty. (When you see Tirana from Dajti, it looks […]