Bird-watching and wildlife tours in Adriatic Sea lagoons have drawn international tourist attention after a government ban on hunting. Fatjona Mejdini BIRN The Albanian government has recently repurposed Karavasta Lagoon in Divjake National park. The largest lagoon in Albania, Karavasta was until recently closed to the general public. Situated about 90km south of Tirana on […]

Sarah Drury Seferis’s line about his native Greece, ‘Our country is a closed in place, all mountains’, haunted my mind as I traversed Albania. I had gone in the hope that Albania now would be like the southern Europe of my student days. The news in brief is: it is, and it isn’t. First impressions of […]

Albania offers many places for hiking the most spectacular landscapes being those of the national parks. One of the most impressive mountain national parks is the 4000 hectare Tomorri National Park, established south of the Shkumbin River in the Tomorr Range just east of the beautiful museum-city of Berat, and overlooking the city of Polican. Other […]

It’s got beaches with clear blue waters that shimmer with the best of the Mediterranean; there are enough mountains and rivers for endless days of hiking and rafting; and to the south sit UNESCO World Heritage sites and castles that have seen the rise and fall of great empires like the Byzantine and Ottoman. But […]

Some Good News, Some Bad News, and the Journey to Valbona, Northern Albania Posted by Larissa On March 28th, 2016 A journey to Valbona in Northern Albania was something that was high on my list to do since I first learned about Quku i Valbonës and the magnanimous Catherine and her partner Alfred who run it […]

  Albania has been promoted in various important international magazines which have increased the curiosity of their readers to visit Albania but, in the recent years we are noticing a very helpful and encouraging trend applied by tourists from all over Europe or the USA who try to promote Albania through photos, videos and articles. And the […]

Travel with an award-winning travel company, and you’re virtually guaranteed to have an amazing trip. Our readers have spoken – and these are their favourites… Picking a tour operator can be just as tricky as choosing where you want to go. Thankfully, you – our well-travelled readers – have done our job for us by […]

Albania is a country that until now is only recognized by a few travellers, although the country on the Mediterranean Sea has many advantages. It is for example much cheaper and less crowded than more popular holiday countries. Those loving the wild nature, charm and Mediterranean air should definitely take a chance on Albania. Do […]