It has been 15 years since the start of the most spectacular event, full of adrenaline, adventure and at the same time the most dangerous of motor racing and motorcycle racing, Rally Albania. For 15 years in the Land of Eagles have come hundreds of pilots from many countries of the world who have seen […]

The Adriatic beaches tend to be sandy with shallow waters, making them suitable for family holidays. The Republic of Albania has a considerable coastline that streches for 450 km, including lagons, and extends Adriatic and the Ionian sea. Its easy to tell the seas aparts thanks to their different  characteristics. The main beaches are those […]

The prestigious “Lonely Planet” has listed the “Castle Festival” that is being held in Dhermi as one of the 10 best music festivals in Europe that takes place in wonderful places. The “Castle Festival” is made by Lonely Planet among many internationally renowned festivals in Croatia, Norway, Belgium, England and so on. “Lonely Planet” says […]

Albania has quickly become a popular summer destination. Their stunning coastline and beautiful beaches are surely some of the major factors behind the rise in numbers of arriving tourists. The Albanian Riviera is home to many beautiful places, and to make things a bit easier for your travel planning, here are the 15 Best Beaches […]

Albania’s National Parks spread from the lagoons at the Adriatic seashore to the Limestone Mountains of the Dinaric Alps and the wetlands of the Great and the Small Prespa Lakes at the trans-border national park, which Albania shares with the Republic of Macedonia and Greece Albania is a mountainous country, about two-thirds of the territory […]

Tirana is a city that grew on me and which I wish I had more time to explore. In this article, I will tell you all about the best things to do in Tirana from my recent visit. From street art and museums, to food, culture, landmarks and historical monuments, Tirana is a fascinating and really interesting […]

By Christine Blau This past week, UNESCO updated their eclectic list of the world’s most fascinating places. Countries campaign hard to get their treasured wilderness reserves, archeological ruins, and historic sites recognized by the esteemed program. After much deliberation, the organization decides each year on new sites worthy of World Heritage status to add to […]

                            If you ever wanted to stop the time and go back in the history now there’s the chance to do it. Smart Travel, an project, writes that the Old Europe is still alive and is perfectly impersonated in 10 tourist […]

Created by Brana Vladisavljevic May 3, 2016 at 4:49 pm Birdwatching tours in the wetland areas of Albania’s Adriatic coast are becoming this country’s new tourist attraction. Over the last couple of years, since the government’s ban on hunting was introduced in 2014, wildlife numbers have improved and tour operators have started offering guided itineraries […]

  Kotor – Tirana  Price: 140 Euro Budva – Tirana  Price: 130 Euro Podgorica – Tirana  Price: 120 Euro Prishtina – Tirana  Price: 130 Euro Prizeren – Tirana  Price: 100 Euro Shkup – Tirana  Price: 180 Euro Ohrid – Tirana  Price: 140 Euro Ioannina – Tirana  Price: 200 Euro   Tirana – Kotor  Price: 140 […]