11 ships sunk during the Two World Wars are in the sea near Durres, while their total number in Albanian waters reaches about 60. “The Navy Command has taken the initiative aimed not only at preserving and preserving them, but also at creating a National Maritime Museum, as well as opening underwater parks for […]

  The Vjosa river runs through the forest-covered slopes of Greece’s Pindus mountains to Albania’s Adriatic coast.   Albania’s government has set in motion plans to dam the Vjosa to generate much-needed electricity for one of Europe’s poorest countries, with the intent to build eight dams along the main river tt’s part of a world […]

After the meet we will start our trip to the village of Pellumbas. During the short trip we will take a coffee at a local bar and we start walking along the 2 km trail that leads to  “The Black Cave of Pellumbas”. The view from the trail is spectacular, with the mountainside dropping down […]

  The National Park of Qafe-Shtamë, 25 km northeast of the city of Kruja, turned into a real tourist destination offers a natural and cultural mosaic for visitors. This park has long attracted the attention of the citizens as a curative and tourist spot. The combination of cultural and nature tourism bring Kruja into the […]

  Numerous domestic and foreign tourists are increasingly enjoying the freshness and beauty of protected areas from the Valbona Valley in the north to the Blue Eye in the south. These areas have already become well-visited tourist destinations due to the natural beauty and diverse terrain, which is suitable for tourists, from those who want […]

The Blue Eye in Saranda, a natural wonder that comes as a surprise, a few days after the incident about a week ago, reopens to visitors. The monument will be accessible to visitors from Thursday, observing the following security measures: a targeted movement of visitors with the assistance of environmental guards and guides. ADZM Vlora […]

The flamingos, the chubby little birds with a very interesting color, have been restored during these hot July days at their ‘home’ in Crypts and the Narta Lagoon. Nearly two thousand flamingos of adults are now concentrating on a dam trying to nest again, as the hunting memorandum has now turned this country into a […]

An article from Holly Baxter, published @Indipendent   Don’t go to Gjirokaster. You’ve never heard of it anyway, and who would want to give up a couple of weeks of their precious annual leave on a mountainous city in Albania? It’s impossible to get to, anyway – the only nonstop UK flights go from London […]

Lake Ohrid Albanian side is inscribed into UNESCO, joining the Macedonian part of the Lake OHRID, which is part of world heritage since 1979 as a natural heritage, and in 1980 as a cultural heritage. Lake Ohrid is one of 19 mixed heritage worldwide, cultural and natural property. In BAKU,  Azerbajan metting, was voted that […]